Saturday, August 13, 2011

First Cheeseburger...

Yesterday, Friday August 12th, I had my First McDonald's Cheesburger in almost 7 years!!!

I had been talking about eating one again for a while now... and finally decided that yesterday would be the day for my reunion with the infamous cheeseburger.

Denise captured the special moment.... hehe ;)

Burger in hand...

Getting a bit nervous... and looking disgusted. haha!

The First Bite!!!!
I ended up finishing the whole thing... excpet for the pickles ;)

Woo hoo!

Although it was purdy tasty, and brought back childhood memories of the mcdonald's playlands... I doubt I'll reintroduce these wimpy cheeseburgers into my diet....
But maybe once in a while I'll splurge ;)

The end!

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