Saturday, August 13, 2011

60/60 -- Day 13

Today was my company's annual Summer Picnic. I am still fairly new to the company, so this was my first time going to a company function! Ironically, I was the one who was mainly in charge of getting it all set-up and planned!

We had a potluck lunch. I brought 7-layer bars for dessert... and they were DELICIOUS! Not to brag about my baking skills... ;)
Here is the recipe I used (she deserves all the credit):

They were quite the hit, with my family and my co-workers!

What I wore today:

DAY 13!

August 13th

Black Cardigan from Nordstrom
Blue and Green Maxi-dress from Target

Shiekh Sandals

Moon and Star Necklace, thrifted

13 days down, 47 to go! :)

xoxo Karisa xoxo


  1. That dessert looks fabulous!! And I love your maxi dress!!

  2. drools over the dessert bar! :D
    cute maxi dress. perfect fro picnics!

  3. So cute! :) Love it!! And yes, the seven layer bars were amazing! If you have any left, you should bring them on Monday to work so we can indulge :)

    xoxo Denise

  4. You look fabulous in your outfit! Perfect color on you Princess.... you know that I also love the color blue. You'll have to make your Gpa and me some of those 7 layer bars, they sound delicious. Keep up the great work!
    Love you.

  5. i love your necklace !! :) kisses i followed you :)

  6. This dress is stunning you look great x

  7. That dress is gorgeous :)


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