Saturday, August 6, 2011

60/60 -- Day 6

Today was a pretty relaxing Saturday. I got to sleep in, and then I spent the morning with my mom and little sister, just relaxing at home.
One of my graduation gifts was an IKEA gift card from my dad to help me buy new furniture and items to decorate my new room when I move out in the fall! So today, My mom and I went to IKEA to spend the last of what I had left on the gift card. I started with $400 in June, and today I left with 23 cents left on the card! (I didn't spend it all today, this was my 3rd trip there to use the card!)
Anyways, while I was at IKEA, we happened to run into one of my best friends who was there was his mom! It was a lovely surprise. We ate lunch together, and then shopped around together for a bit before we went our separate ways.
Now on to the pictures...
DAY 6!

August 6th

Black and White striped blouse, Forever21
Blue denim jeans, Abercrombie & Fitch

Zebra necklace, Forever21

BC Footwear black & white flats
6 days down, 54 to go! :)

 xoxo Karisa xoxo


  1. That Zebra necklace is too cute! That's so nice of your Dad to give you the IKEA voucher (BEST SHOP EVER). That's super exciting that your moving out in the fall, your room will look amazing with IKEA furnishings. I love your blog :) You are so positive and your posts are so easy to read! I'm a new follower, would you follow me?
    xx, Maria

  2. Thank you Maria! Yes, it was so much fun getting to shop at ikea without feeling like I was spending anything! :)
    I followed your blog!
    xoxo Karisa


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