Saturday, August 13, 2011

60/60 -- Day 12

Sorry this is a day late!!!

Yesterday (Friday), I worked all day, and then right after work I headed downtown to the waterfront for Portland's "A Bite of Oregon" festival with some friends! Afterwards, we headed up to Rooser Rock state park to watch the meteor shower! Soo, I didn't get home till wayy late, and therefore had no time to blog!

Here's what I wore on Friday! :)

DAY 12!

August 12th
Skirt w/ bow & suspenders, Wet Seal
White lace tank, Buffalo Exchange
Grey Cardigan, BDG from Urban Outfitters
Knee-high Boots, Madden Girl

Nerd glasses, found at Buffalo Exchange :)

Bird necklace, Pac Sun

I love my NERD glasses :)

A Bite of Oregon!

I Love Portland <3
Tiny bottle of Tabasco I got for free!
Denise and I :)
Jason snapped this candid shot of us enjoying the festival :)
I will be posting my outfit from today soon... ;)
xoxo Karisa xoxo

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  1. Very cute outfit! You are styling today.


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