Tuesday, August 16, 2011

60/60 -- Day 16

What my day consisted of:

Weekly book club meeting in the morning, lunch with some lovely ladies from my book club, work till 5, visit with my mom, sister, and baby brother, then move over to my dad's house and enjoy a delicious dinner with him and my brother at Zeppo's Italian restaurant! :)

DAY 16!

August 16th

I love how long my hair is getting!
btw... I was knocking down any spider webs that might have been in the way... ;)
Blue striped dress, Target
Belt, gift from my sister
White jacket, Forever21
White "boat" shoes, Steve Madden
Necklace, gift from a friend

Random things:

It was a b e a u t i f u l day today!
Even though I had to enjoy the lovely weather mostly from inside my work building,
It was still wonderful to have sunny, clear skies with a cool breeze and the temperature at a perfect 80!

My mommy made homemade strawberry milkshakes,
and they were sooo yummy! ♥
When I went to the "Bite of Oregon" last weekend,
I got this adorable mini-bottle of tabasco for free!!!
I'm not a big fan of this spicy sauce myself, so I gave it to my tabasco-obsessed friend...
I don't doubt that she will keep it in her purse and pour it on everything she eats from now on... until it runs out! hehe ;)

16 days down, 44 to go! :)

xoxo Karisa xoxo


  1. What a perfect casual outfit. Can't go wrong with the nautical look! Thank you for following. Following back!

  2. Love this dress! You look super cute! :)

    xoxo Denise

  3. Adorable outfit Karisa and as you know I just love anything blue! Glad you had a nice day. Love you.

  4. Hey hun!! I gave you a Lovely Blog Award! See my most recent post for details :)

    xoxo Denise


  5. Wow! Your hair is getting long! Loved spending time with you on Tuesday.


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