Friday, January 6, 2012

Crayon Art.

I found this idea on Pinterest a while ago, and just HAD to try it out for myself!

^ Here is my completed project! I love how it turned out! ^

Now I will show you a Step-by-Step tutorial on how to make your very own canvas art with crayons!!!

Materials You Will Need:
(amount needed depends on the size of canvas board you choose. 
I started with a smaller size for my first attempt!)
~Canvas Board (whatever size you'd like)
~Hot Glue Gun
~Hair Dryer with a "Hot" Heat Setting
~Patience and Creativity

FIRST, put your crayons in the order that you will want them on your canvas board.

I chose to do a rainbow pattern, since I love all colors!

THEN, glue the crayons, one by one, across the top of the canvas, making sure the pointed ends are facing down, and the flat ends are all lined up with one another.

Once all the crayons are securely glued onto the board, it's time to start melting!

NEXT, lean your canvas board up against a door or a wall (see picture below) and place an old towel or rag underneath to catch all the melted crayon wax! 

(Your towel will most likely be ruined from the wax, so choose something you don't mind throwing out afterwards!)

Here is when the melting had just begun and started dripping down the board... So exciting!

Getting more and More melted!

It is up to YOU to decide just HOW much you want to melt the crayons. You can have thin lines, or thick lines with no canvas showing at all! It all depends on how long you have the heat from the hair dryer on the crayons.

After I decided I was satisfied with the amount of melting that I had going on, I let the wax completely dry on the canvas board.

Then, I attached a beaded necklace to the back of the canvas so I'd be able to hang it up in my room.

(The top-right picture shows how much wax got on the towel that was underneath the canvas... just a warning!)

Here is how mine turned out!!!! 
So excited to have finally done this fun, and easy, project!

Basically, there are only 4 easy steps:
1. Select order of Crayons
2. Use hot glue gun to attach crayons to canvas
3. Use blow dryer to melt crayons
4. Let dray and hang!

Ta-da! Cheap, Easy, and Pretty Wall Art for your Home!

-->Great for Gifts!<--

xoxo Karisa Marie xoxo