Thursday, September 1, 2011

~September Lovin~

September is my F A V O R I T E month of the whole year!!!

Not only is my birthday in the month of September, but there are SO many great things happening for me during this month, especially this year....

Reasons I love September + Exciting changes & events:

-Turning 18!!!! (on the 4th!)
-Moving out of my parent's house & in with 3 roommates! SO pumped.
-Starting College!
-I absolutely LOVE Autumn in Oregon... the weather, the colors of the leaves, the cute styles...!
-More Freedom + More Independence = Good :)
-Hopefully getting involved with the College-aged group at my new church!
-Having a steady job with consistent hours
-Single for the first time in 2 years... and it's a good thing!
-Being ready to start discovering who I really am and what I want for my life


Stay tuned for more posts regarding my transitioning time in this new season of my life! :)

xoxo Karisa xoxo


  1. very nice photos! have a happy september dear !!!!!


  2. very close with ur upcoming b'day..
    can't wait for ur next post



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